I find we often gloss over front gardens but really it’s the first impression you get of a property. In my previous house the only thing I had was a front garden and a roof terrace so for me this space was really important, not only as place to spend time in and enjoy but also as a space to lift my mood as I came and went of a day. Time and time again I see front gardens being neglected and used as dumping grounds for bins and bikes, when, with a little thought, they could be utilised in far more stylish ways whilst still being practical. And a note to prospective sellers of properties – first impressions really do count! Think my garden definitely helped in this respect.

Anyway, rant over.  This garden in West Norwood has been designed with plants in mind. The clients are lucky enough to have quite a large space at the front, plus additional space to hide bins etc to the side. They are also allotmenteers (new word?) so are looking forward to a new plant-filled space to look out on to.