After their huge success with turning a dis-used old bomb site into a thriving community garden in Stockwell, South East London, the unstoppable Edible Bus Stop duo – Makaela Gilchrist and Will Sandy –  have turned their green gaze on another 322 bus stop site in West Norwood. The Hoopla Garden, as it’s known, is now under construction and some rather large holes in the ground have appeared over the last couple of weeks, holes you could drive a bus into..

Which is not the plan. Instead this is to be a garden of native wild plants, some decorative, some edible, combined with a number of fruiting trees and bushes, with a dose of herbs and native shrubs and ferns thrown in for good measure. I’m currently drawing up a planting plan which is to contain delicious edible native plants such as primrose, sorrell, plantain, rosebay willow herb, wild garlic and nettles – to name a few (thanks to Ysa from for his help in drawing up a list).

Wild food foraging is obviously not a new thing but is perhaps unheard of for your average London city dweller. With a little help and encouragement the idea is that anyone who is willing to contribute time and energy in helping the garden to grow can then take their reward in the form of whatever happens to be on offer. Help can mean a bucket of water for thirsty plants, some weeding, some rubbish collection. I hope to be offering further future blogs with recipes using the seasonal ‘produce’ to be found in the garden throughout the year. I have a feeling the sloe gin may be a popular one.

To find out more go to

If you would like to volunteer or be involved then do contact them or me for further details. We are planning/hoping to be planting up mid May and would love people to come along and help out. Have trowel, can dig.