Allium Early Emperor

Allium Early Emperor

My catalogue for next year’s spring bulbs has arrived! My horticultural version of a sweetie shop.

Above is one of my alliums – Early Emperor – a variety I hadn’t tried before, usually opting for the reliably safe Allium ‘Purple Sensation’. This certainly hasn’t disappointed. It’s been flowering for over a month and seems set to continue for the foreseeable, like a never-ending firework. They were initially bred as a cut flower and the thick stems are very robust. I’d rather enjoy them in the garden  than in vase but if you do have them indoors then adding a drop of bleach to the water helps minimise the onion-y smell.

Relatively inexpensive and, providing you follow the planting instructions, fairly dependable, bulbs are such a good way to give you something to look forward to in the garden. I was so excited when I saw the first points of my tulips venturing out in Spring and virtually dancing when they began flowering.

Why not create a planter full of different bulbs to come out at different times over the Spring, using crocus, daffs and tulips?

Contact me for more planting ideas using bulbs. I’ll be taking orders for bulbs in September.

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