Tulipa Angelique

Tulipa Angelique

I’m currently reading Anna Pavord’s book The Tulip, encouraged by the sight of my own tulips flouncing outside my windows. I’ve had the book on my shelf for nearly five years so it was about time. If you’re not a gardening buff, then it’s a challenging but not impossible read. Latin names of species and varieties abound and I have my tablet on hand whilst I read to look up the tulips as they are mentioned. The history of the tulip is well worth knowing, if, like me, you are  over-joyed at the sight of a tulip in flower.

This year I planted Tulipa ‘Spring Green’ and Tulipa ‘Angelique’. They all came up, but some not as well as others. Bulbs are temperamental and can be slightly diva-esque in their behaviour – some years they show, some years they don’t, depending on the conditions. As far I know, there isn’t a Tulipa Mariah Carey but maybe there should be.

They are now starting to go over and the petals are falling off. A useful tip to help get a good show from your tulips next year, is to snap off the remaining seed pod/head. This means the energy that would have gone into the seed head is now reversed and sent back down into the bulb, giving it a head start for next years flowering.

Please note – I offer a bulb ordering (and planting if required) service twice a year! Once in Autumn for Spring bulbs and again in early Spring for Summer and Autumn. Try me!

Happy gardening.

2 Responses to “Tulipa”

    • landgirl

      Amazing, aren’t they? These are one of my favourites. Sadly they are more than likely not don’t come back the following year, so they are a one hit wonder, so to speak.


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