Balham spring bulbs 2016

I offer a full planting plan and planting service.

I will come and assess the garden and talk to you about what you would ideally like, whether it’s a completely new scheme, re-planting a border you’re no longer happy with or proposing plants for pots and planters. It’s very important to have a budget in mind beforehand – this way I can gauge how far we can realistically take the project in terms of a) how many plants we can purchase and b) what to charge for my time.

I charge both for a planting plan and for the time it takes to plant it up and again this will be dependent on the budget and how much time it will take to implement the scheme as a whole. Once we have agreed the fees I then come back, measure up and start designing. You receive a full plan showing the proposed plants, plus image boards and descriptions, combined with a plant sourcing and ordering service.

Once you are happy with the plant choices and positions, I then order the plants. I will generally prep the beds beforehand and then plant them up myself.

I also am happy to provide a full maintenance schedule if required as an extra.

In addition to this I’m happy to work with you on the garden on a more long term basis, providing plants as well as advice throughout the year to create the garden you love.