Bosco Verticale

High rise living is on the increase in our cities, often without proper access to outside space. Mentally I think some form of greenery is must for one’s sanity, even if its just a balcony or a small terrace. These guys in Italy are going one step better. They are re-foresting the city but going up rather than out. Two towers are going up in Milan measuring 110 and 76 metres high respectively and will be home to some 900 new trees, between 3 and 9 metres tall.

‘On flat land, each Bosco Verticale equals, in amount of trees, an area equal to 10.000 sqm of forest. In terms of urban densification the equivalent of an area of single family dwellings of nearly 50.000 sqm.’ – Stefano Boeri, architect.

The vegetation will create microclimates within the living space of the towers – increasing humidity inside the buildings, absorbing C02 and producing oxygen, as well as acoustically protecting and insulating inhabitants from urban living noise and from cold and heat. They will also reduce run-off storm water. Up-keep will require constant monitoring of the trees and plants and their ability to cope with the unusual conditions but any high rise building requires a lot of maintenance in terms of resources and energy.

Would I want to live in it? Sure! If the alternative is a glass eyesore like the Shard then definitely! I think this is a beautiful project and I thoroughly endorse any greening up of our cityscapes.