Snowdrops, Pemborkeshire 2013

Snowdrops, Pembrokeshire 2013

Galanthus nivalis or the common Snowdrop is a welcome sight after a long winter. Perversely, the colder the winter, the longer the snowdop blooms – if its a warm, sunny winter then the appearance of the Snowdrop may be quite fleeting. Hence the proliferation this year!

The name derives from the Greek gala for milk and anthos for flower. The common name for Snowdrop may have come from the German Schneetropfen, which was a type of earring popular in the early sixteenth century when it is thought the flower was first introduced to Great Britain. It’s native to most of Europe. Other common names are Candlemas bells or lilies, or Fair Maids of February.

Plant Snowdrops in dappled shade and in humus rich soil which won’t dry out for the best results. Divide existing clumps either ‘in the green’ or just after blooming to increase flowers next year. Water in well after transplanting.